Life is the Bubbles
Life is the Bubbles

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Kathy – Owner, Administrator, Motivator, Designer, & Photographer

Hi, I’m Kathy… I am the Pollyanna of the bunch! Happiness, possibilities and a bit of magic has always been my belief!  I was able to visit Disneyland many times while Walt still walked the park! Every week he also came into my living room and told us it’s good to dream, visit other realms and be happy! He was my hero!

Brandy – Owner, Creator, Shipper & Glitter Meister

I had no choice! My birth happened on one of those Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah days! Disney music, theme decorating & thinking happy thoughts have all been a part of my growing up. I knew Walt…Vicariously.

Now I love what I do & I get to whistle while I work!


Support Services:

Roger – aka- The Jolly Geppetto – Wood Carver, Statistician & House Pirate!

Pirating is in my blood! I spent many of my younger years driving boats through white water rapids on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and taking groups of people on the adventure of a lifetime! It was our family business. 

Find The Jolly Geppetto's magical signs @


Abigail -    Talker, Writer, & Magic Maker in Training.

I’m Abby, the youngest of the family and the learner of the business.  I am growing up with Disney at the center of my life, alongside my writing and digital knowledge.  Ever since I was a little girl, happiness magic has been sprinkled on our home, and I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity for it to affect my life!


We thank you so much for visiting, we love meeting new people! We hope to get to know you more!

We thank you so much for visiting, we love meeting new people! We hope to get to know you!


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