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It's Time for Flitterin'

Posted by Kathy Neisess on

"Flitterin" ~ this playful song is found in the treasured film from 1963, Summer Magic, the song was written by the Sherman Brothers. Also there is an instrumental version of it can be heard on Disneyland’s Main Street, U.S.A.!

In Summer Magic, upset about having to give up their old piano because of their failing finances, the Carey family gathers around their newer, much cheeper, "player piano" for this happy tune about new beginnings.

The Carey’s adventure starts when due of their financial situation they need to move from Boston to the small country town of Beulah, Maine into a dilapidated cottage.  Of course, hilarity insures as this city family moves to the country! Excitable, talkative, and young Nancy Carey is played by the beloved Hayley Mills in this festive summertime movie, with Dorothy McGuire playing her mother. But in our humble opinion, Osh Popham, played by Burl Ives, steals the show!

Summertime is the perfect time for a fun, family-friendly movie! Summer Magic is the perfect movie for anybody who enjoys a good old-fashion film!

The movie is filled with lively singing and humor, sure to have the whole family in stitches! So this summer, be sure to get a bowl of popcorn, a glass of ice cold Lemonade, and enjoy this entertaining, treasured film!

Speaking of new beginnings ~ Life is the Bubbles is steppin’ out into the great World Wide Web to make every day magical!  We hope you join us on this enchanted adventure!


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