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Make everyday Magical!

•°○ If you’re looking for Magic…. You've come to the right place! ○°•

Welcome to Life is the Bubbles, a portal to a magical place where each creation is meant to bring a sparkle of happiness to your home, office, or gift giving!

All of our creations are inspired by the enchantment, fun & playfulness of another time & another place,  and the belief that with a little bit of pixie dust, Life can become Magical!

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We’re bubbling over with excitement to introduce  our 

Under the Sea Club

 Life is the Bubbles Under the Sea Club

BENEFITS for our club members!

  • Sneak peeks of upcoming new creations
  • Special private discount & early discount codes
  • Magical surprise gifts
  • Share/spotlight other magical whozits & whatzits
  • & more Bubblicious goodies
With this sparkly Welcome, we want to give you a Treasuriffic gift, This instant downloadable/printable 8 x 10 art poster.

Mermaid Lagoon gift for the Under the Sea Club members

 And…. a special 20% savings on any of our Magical creations at  

**Warning** When wandering around our shop, some magic dust just might fall on you, so don’t be surprised if you sparkle when you leave!