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Drink Me Alice in Wonderland Bottle Necklace with a Key Charm

  • $ 1600

Drink Me Bottle with a Key charm from Alice in Wonderland Necklace or for a lanyard ~



Alice: I'm looking for a white rabbit. So, um, if you don't mind...

Doorknob: Uh? Oh!

Alice: There he is! I simply must get through!

Doorknob: Sorry, you're much too big. Simply impassible.

Alice: You mean impossible?

Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing's impossible! Why don't you try the bottle on the table?

Alice: 'Drink me'. Hmmm, better look first. For if one drinks much from a bottle marked 'poison', it's almost certain to disagree with one, sooner or later.


Here is your very own magical Drink Me Bottle! Perfect for any magical, whimsical outfit! Also an enchanted gift for all ages!! It can also be used as a lanyard charm!

The Chain is 19 ½ inches long
The Bottle is 1 ½ inches long
Key Charm hangs 1 ½ inches

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