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Magical BRAVE Necklace with a Bow Charm, Scottish Princess Merida

  • $ 1600

 BRAVE Necklace with a Bow & Arrow Charm!

“If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?” Princess Mérida (BRAVE)

BRAVE is set in Scotland in a rugged & mythical time, filled with danger and magic. Princess Merida is a determined and impetuous young lass. Her strength lies in her bravery, skill and relationship with her family.

This necklace is a bit of BRAVE magic with a charm of a skilled bow and arrow, showing off your strength of character!

Perfect for life’s adventurous journey for yourself or a wonderful gift for a high spirited lass.


The Chain is bronze, 20 inches long with a rope toggle clasp
The Bottle is 1 ½ inches long
The Bow & Arrow hangs 1 ½ inches

The cork is sealed so no Magical bravery is lost!

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