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Pirate Purse Charms, Bag Accessory, Handbag Charm, Backpack Charm, Key Chain, Purse Jewelry, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirate Jewelry

  • $ 2200

Chart ye course and set sail with this here Pirate Purse Charm! ‘Tis the perfect plunder to be keepin’ close to ye at all times!

Great as yer own Pirate Booty or as a gift to yer favorite Pirate, and it’s best not to be travelin’ without a wee bit of emergency RUM, especially if yer a Pirate!

Whether ye be Disney Bound or just on yer daily adventures, these hangin’ Pirate baubles are sure to bring a smile to yer face!

This lobster clasp has ~

* A Yo Ho Rum Company Bottle of magical micro beads
* A hand painted wooden barrel of rum
* An anchor
* Treasure chest
* Jolly Roger Flag
* 2 cannon ball bead charms.

The length is approximately 5” total.


★The bottle is sealed and the micro beads are merely a representation of the real “McCoy” – no actual Rum has been wasted!★

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